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I get blogged down but I get up again


As 2017 closes I tend to find people are completely drained mentally and physically and basically review the year in a negative light, with the ol saying “gee that year went quick”. We may also find that we may complain about what we didn’t do, what we haven’t done and what should’ve been…

We get blogged down.
And I’m no exception…

So depending on how your glass is looking right now my simple view is this.We aim and do so much in all different ways that we remain so busy for things that are necessary, fun and sometimes unfair but warranted that we forget why we do it and ask where the TIME goes…

However do you ever sit back and look at the sliding door of not being able to do what you do or have the things that you do?

A lot of us complain with what we haven’t got but you don’t even know how many positives you have with out even knowing it.

Today for example,
Did I wake up ? ✅
Did I sleep in my own bed ? ✅
Am I healthy ? ✅
Do I have food, water and roof over my head? ✅
Do I have family and or friends ? ✅
Do I have the ability to use a phone, internet or drive somewhere ? ✅
Do I have a job ? ✅
Do I have a purpose ? ✅
Can I help someone or so something to improve ? ✅
Is life OK ? ✅

Simple positives we take for granted in a world caught up in things that simply don’t matter in the scheme of overall happiness.

Lots of people in the world and maybe even your neighbour or the person near you may not be able to answer with a tick. So tonight when you go to bed happy, healthy and safe wake up in 2017 and don’t be blogged down, get back up again tick of your day and have a happy new year !

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