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Salty Swim Lessons


You read correctly kids, swim lessons in the salt and at home are now available through ECSportz. What do you mean?

Well we mean we have designed a program where young kids at home and school kids in term can learn to swim and keep fit by the Sea.

ECSportz is a registered Austswim, Fitness Australia, Swim Australia and Royal Lifesaving Swim and Survive Partner providing programs and training to progress in correct swimming along with developing in fitness and strength. What we have done is create a program where the kids can learn to swim, survive and stay fit down the beach in the rock pools and open ocean teaching

  • Swimming Stages
  • Surf Awareness
  • Basic First Aid
  • Surf Skills
  • Exercise
  • Healthy Living

Why down the beach it’s cold and dangerous? The real question is why not?

Australia is surrounded by ocean and the majority love the beach and water in general but for some reason and drownings are well up and we pay top dollar to teach kids to learn and develop in swimming without using the elements they will be surrounded by or might come across at some point.

We want everyone to be a automatic lifeguard basically, we want kids to be able to run, swim, surf, rescue, perform first aid and get active and do it well. A lot of kids are scared and can’t handle

  • Waves
  • Rips
  • The unknown of the ocean
  • Cooler water
  • Eating healthy
  • Enduring sports or exercise

We want the pool and beach to be safe all around the world so every day we teach kids all ages the proper progression with small steps of what’s really needed from start to finish making them more aware, stronger mentally and physically in the water and out.

We keep it fun and always work with the children on their level, we will never rush or push anyone, from the pool to the beach we can help everyone improve and learn.

Mobile home lessons and ocean pool lessons available now. Be quick and invest for your kids today!

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