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‘Tis the season


That time of year has arrived, where the work you do suddenly has a deadline of Friday 23rd 5pm, the Xmas parties have started and the budgeting begins.

It’s a love hate relationship where we thrive of the innocence and joy of the holidays but become demons and victims of reality.

What the first thing to go is our self care, we tend to run ourselves into the ground and forget our happiness and health both mentally and physically and I won’t lie I can be that way myself but a what point to we look at ourselves and review the actual facts of it all?

You work the majority of your life, there will always be something to be done, money /kilos will come and go, the house will be clean and then be dirty again and so on and with following that we skip eating, treat ourselves more than we can honestly accept with bigger dishes and more drinks of the wrong stuff and then bang that 5 kilos extra has turned into ten and your new year started back further than this time last year.

Now don’t get me wrong I can have a beer and a good feed and a good time but the mentality and choices you make are yours alone, we can’t blame others or make excuses. How we go about our time is completely one persons decision alone and the outcome anyway is a result of you. You can fight this with many terms and I am very much on your side with them however you should always take care of yourself and those most important to you with balance!

If you know what is ahead of you festive wise plan your exercise, healthy eating and your overall week to make sure you balance your health.

So whether that means staying healthy to keep your blood pressure down to live better and longer or if it’s to be strong and fit for work/life to earn money for you or others or cutting back on sugar to stop the mood swings and stress or perhaps it’s just time you addressed what you use to be able to do..

It’s up to you to bridge the gap, make the changes, learn and challenge yourself, review what actually is not what if or was.
It won’t start on the Monday and it won’t start in the new year it started when you read this and it’s happening already with your thoughts and it’s about to progress as soon as you finish this.

Act now! Prepare now! Don’t be influenced by nobody you do what you want to do and do it well. Invest time, money and effort and what is the most important thing and that’s you and your happiness and Heath and enjoy the summer and the rest of your life.

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